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Our mission is to support Ferry Shipping operators and ports with ideas and possible solutions that drive sustainable development across  strategic, operational and tactical levels.


Conference content is geared to explore ways to:

  • Improve commercial and operational performance for ferry shipping companies, port operators and key supply chain partners
  • Enhance networking and ideas exchange with experienced industry colleagues and potential supply chain partners
  • Deepen understanding of challenges and opportunities
  • Help you optimise use of your precious work and travel time
  • Easy to attend


The conference programme will include:

  • State and strategic situation of the industry by Bo-Lennart.
  • Panel debate featuring 4-6 Ferry line top executives
  • Panel debate featuring 4-6 Short Sea Ferry top executives
  • Panel debate featuring 4-6 Ferry port top executives
  • Panel debate featuring 4-6 RoRo top executives
  • Industry related case studies.
  • Insights to the latest organisational smart developments
  • Interactive debates
  • And much much more

We invite you to embrace this change and enjoy our conference event.

All the best from

The Ferry Shipping Summit team


We are committed to ensuring that our two day conference programme helps you optimise efficiency and effectiveness in today’s time pressured world. Quality is our mantra as we look to deliver:

Quality insights and potential solutions

Quality speakers and panellists

Quality networking

Quality location

Quality time and efficiency

So, why not meet with industry colleagues

and exchange ideas concerning the future of our industry

There will be opportunities to dine in nice historic places with potential future business partners and new friends. Athens is the location for the EUROPEAN FERRY SHIPPING SUMMIT.
Future conference locations will also feature professional and modern facilities which are easy to reach by plane, train or car.

Get your tickets

Included in the price:

  • Participation and documents/presentations on the conference;
  • Festive dinner at an exclusive location;
  • Lunch day one and two;
  • Coffee breaks and drinks with all meals;
  • Happy hour and pre-dinner drinks;
  • Nightcap;
  • Hospitality desk for post conference activities.

The entrance fee is (all taxes included):

1,385.00Book now

Hotel information

Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece  | Hotel in Greece