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Co-organisers Bo-Lennart Thorbjörnsson and Frans Baud, welcoming all delegates of the very first Ferry Shipping Summit in Amsterdam.

“We will need to explain our customers why the prices will rise. The 2020 sulphur cap creates an additional cost which we need to include in the fare.”

“New fuels: supply chain is lacking in the Mediterranean.”

“The commitment of our people is of paramount importance.”

“Consolidation is needed to be ready for the future. We are now integrating Hellenic Seaways in the company.”

Spiros Paschalis, CEO Attica

“More trucks have to get off the road. The ferry is the solution. There is an 85% increase of efficiency for the community if trucks go on the ferry instead of the motorway. ”

Matteo Della Valle, Business Development Manager GNV

“Our green fleet is instrumental towards challenges as the tunnel between Germany and Denmark. Going hybrid is a huge investment but gives another 5 to 10 years to the lifespan of the vessel.”

“Battery-only ferries which use green electricity from windmills, with overnight charging. We are confident it will be possible.”

“Every day our Rødby-Puttgarden route uses as much energy as a city of 150,000 inhabitants.”

Morten-Haure Peterson, CCO Scandline

Angelo Scorza, owner Ship2Shore

Andries Leusink, Vice President, Sales and Marketing JDE, gives an overview of coffee solutions for the ferry world. “Make your passengers happy with a good cup of coffee. And make money.”

Lunch and coffee break sponsored by JDE

“We already have one remote-controlled vessel in Copenhagen. Unmanned, autonomous ships will be a reality by 2020…2025. Machinery can be unmanned, and the navigation bridge too.”

Iiro Lindborg, General Manager Rolls Royce

Crew Management the Adonis way: the smart way!
Per Ove Kviteberg, CEO Adonis AS

“A system is one thing. How it’s being implemented is even more important.”

Bent Hansen, Senior Vice President Mantec

This conference was characterised by the large amount of interaction, in a good mood and with lots of collegiality. Hercules Simitsidellis, Authorized Director Attica Group, takes the microphone.

“The ferry industry needs more agility to change.”

“Not having enough standardisation makes our industry expensive.”

Kevin George, CEO Red Funnel

“We pay a lot of attention to the communities we deserve, and the social sustainability. We want to local businesses to grow with us. That’s why we keep the supply chain short and local.”

“We’re going to have our first ferries running on LNG. Unfortunately the LNG trucks will come all the way down from Southern England. Scottish Islands are windy. We need to look into how making use of this energy.”

Robbie Drummond, Managing Director Calmac Ferries Ltd

“Cities no longer want to see ships in town.”

“We measure everything. Some captains consume more fuel than the others. Behavioural training is needed for a better understanding of eco-driving.”

Johan Röstin, CEO HH Ferries

Jan Philip Eckmann
JPE Communications & RoPax Magazine.

Christopher S. Pastrana
CEO Philippine Ferries Corporation

Selçuk Bakanoğlu
Sefine Shipyard – Business Development Manager

Thomas Hackman
Segment Manager – ABB Marine

Nina Savijoki
Sales Manager Deltamarin Ltd.

The Chinese Year of the Dog?
No, the year of the Ro-Pax!

“A definite trend in interior design is the scalability of the accommodation, and the flexibility. Interiors should be able to be changed easily, on demand. Think certain foils to adapt according to the season, or have pop-up shops and bars.”

“Don’t go to China with a rejection attitude. Respect what they do and be diplomatic.”

“Invest time to step in the jungle of local Chinese suppliers. Select the right ones.”

“Going to build in a Chinese yard? Invest in quality at an early stage.”

Anders Øsgård, CCO, OSK group

The Polferries newbuilding project was presented by Piotr Redmerski, President Polferries, en Marek Miecznikowski (photo), Deputy Director of Tonnage Investments.

“You don’t serve free coffee on board. Why would you give away WiFi?”


Intermodal freight and its future was the theme of Session 6. Joachim Coens, CEO Port of Zeebrugge, showed how his port is a beautiful example of intermodality.

“I appreciate a good port. I prefer a smooth tawny vintage one with balanced fruitiness and subtle hints of nuts and caramel. Ferry ports on the other hand I find less smooth.”

“The first step is to focus more on what you want, rather than on what´s keeping you from achieving what you want.”



“It is the best investment climate in 10 years.”

“Bunker prices are expected to go down, because of US shale gas production.”

Tanja Georg, Ass. VP, KfW IPEX-Bank Frankfurt

“Look at the pickled onion in your business. What is that extra little bit that makes the difference?”

“We (the ferry industry) are not disruptive, we are disappointing.”

“We should not look at 2025, but at 2030…2045.”

“Bring in the young people to this conference.”

Alistair Eagles, CEO Seatruck Ferries

“LNG might be worse for the greenhouse gasses, and batteries might be very expensive. The solution: ammonia as fuel. If used in fuel cells it would make funnels obsolete.”

Basjan Faber, Managing Director C-Job Naval Architects

“In 2025 we’re no longer going to build in China but in Europe!”

Henk Grunstra, Product Director Damen Shipyards Gorinchem

“The Hilton Hotel Group created a shadow board of millennials. They tell us what to do for the next generation.”

“Reverse mentoring: 23-year-olds tell our CEO what to do.”

“If a woman would have said 5 years ago that she wants to work three days for us, and the rest as freelance in her own business, we would have said no. Now we hire her, bringing in the best talent.””

Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, SVP Operations Hilton Worldwide

“People’s love affair with their cars match well with our love affair for ferries.”

“We do not supply diesel on board of our ferries. I am not sure we need to charge electric cars during a crossing.”

Emma Batchelor, Director DISCOVER FERRIES

Short breaks and great coffee!

Peter van de Meerakker – CEO Port of IJmuiden
Phil Horne – Business Optimisation Manager Port of Dover
Eamonn O’Reilly – CEO Port of Dublin

Piotr Redmerski -President of the board, Polish Baltic Shipping Co.

The Ferry Shipping Summit team says “thank you!”

Farewell lunch in the SkyLounge of the DoubleTree Hotel.